Eyes and Ears: Sound Needs Image | 1.5 – 1.21.2009

Vince Mistretta

This video highlights the work of Western New York area media and sound artists interested in composition and new methods of collaboration. This is a witness to the development of original sound and image works that are collaborative and improvised, trustful and open to new ways of working between media and sound artists.

Twelve media artists were invited to produce an original, silent (or near silent) short film or video piece to be “read” as a graphic score by variations of performers from The Open Music Ensemble. Live recordings and performances of the scores in sound are paired with visual works, developed especially for this exhibition, now video. A live concert of selected works was originally performed on September 23, 2005.

Siew Wai Kok

Featured media artists include: Dorothea Braemer, Elliot Caplan, Stephanie Gray, Siew-wai Kok, Carl Lee, Brian Milbrand, Vince Mistretta, Jan Nagle, Alan Rhodes, Kelly Spivey, Carolyn Tennant and Stephen Vitiello.

Participating musicians include: Steve Baczkowski (horns), J.T Rinker (trombone), Josh DeScherer (bass), Ben Harris (violin), Leah Muir (cello), Otto Muller (accordian), Chris Reba (bass), Will Redman (percussion), Bill Sack (electric guitar), Andrew Walsh (contrabass) and Todd Whitman (horns and various alternative noise makers).

The Open Music Ensemble is a collective of over a dozen Buffalo-based musicians affiliated with The Open Music Foundation, a not-for-profit organization for composers and artists dedicated to the promotion of artistic expression based on unconventional, experimental, open-form, and — especially — graphical, forms of communicating musical ideas. For more information, visit http://www.openmusic.us

July 4, 2005 NYC
i: Elliot Capalan
s: Will Redman + N. Andrew Walsh

New York, 8pm, 8/25/05
i: Kelly Spivey
s: Todd Whitman

Intensity Priority
i: C. Tennant + David Jones
s: Otto Muller, Ben Harris + Chris Reba

i: Brian Milbrand
s: Bill Sack, JT Rinker, Todd Whitman, N. Andrew Walsh, Chris Reba + Steve Baczkowski

Greta’s Ball
i: Dorothea Braemer
s: JT Rinker, Todd Whitman, Leah Muir + Steve Baczkowski

i: Alan Rhodes
s: Ben Harris

Grass Roots, Moth Light
i: Stephen Vitiello
s: Will Redman + Bill Sack

Storm at Lacock Abbey
i: Jan Nagle
s: Steve Baczkowski + Josh DeScherer

Fire Escape
i: Carl Lee
s: JT Rinker + Otto Muller

i: Siew-wai Kok
s: Otto Muller, N. Andrew Walsh, Leah Muir, Chris Reba + Steve Baczkowski

Zig Zag
i: Vince Mistretta
s: Bill Sack

Governor’s Island
i: Stephanie Gray
s: Leah Muir

Eyes and Ears: Sound Needs Image … 1.5 – 1.21.2009

Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University

A second version of this project was commissioned by Hallwalls in Buffalo NY in the spring of 2008.

Joanna Raczynska and Will Redman, curators