Joanna Raczynska | 3.9 – 3.31.2009

10th Lesson
3.9 – 3.18.2009

A film within a video that uses bad timing to draw out a classic joke, this work highlights how language lessons teach you more than proper pronunciation. The motif of the circle, the wheel, and the spiral conspire to confuse and befuddle. Made in collaboration with sound artist Will Redman.

Essential Chair
3.19 – 3.31.2009

16mm experimental film about the ideal and the embodiment of the Father figure.

10th Lesson … 3.9 – 3.18.2009
Essential Chair … 3.19 – 3.31.2009

Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University

Joanna Raczynska earned her masters degree in documentary production from the University of London. She is a member of the video collective Termite TV and a founding member of the programming collective Stateless Cinema. Her short videos have shown internationally and across the US. Screening history includes: Festival of Women’s Film & Media Arts, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC, September 2007 – The Takoma Park Film Festival, Takoma Park, MD, October 2007 Videopolis – The Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD, May 2008

Joanna Raczynska – Baltimore Maryland

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