Leah Rico | 10.20 – 10.31.2009

Destinesia explores repetition in relation to ritual practices of both communities and individuals, using the institutional space of a school as a platform. This sound installation utilizes audio informed by an examination of sonic ritual practices that bind a community, and their relationship to the flow and disruption of free associations as used in an individual’s practice of mining the unconscious. Destinesia is part of a larger examination of the quantification and perception of time; and the breaking down the structures to look at the significance of their sonic elements for the listener.

Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University


Leah Rico’s art practice explores the function of language in relation to what defines individual and group identity. Most recently, she uses the phenomenological characteristics of audio to take the work into the lived space of the audience. Casting language as quintessence, Rico breaks down the sonic structure of speech, revealing its hidden histories and mapping its unspoken politics.

Leah Rico – Los Angeles California