Christopher Borkowski | 11.1 – 11.14.2009

Codex, 2007
HD & SD video/ Jitter/ mac mini

Codex is a clearing house of video clips, audio sound bytes and textual pieces created but never finished since I moved to NYC in 2003. Through the use of a semi-random algorithm the narrative body flows through sorted sets and grouping of ideas and movie clips that deal with fictional and non-fictional mini-narratives. The mini-narratives range from subjects concerning geography, technology, capitalism, socialism, political history, spiritualism, the occult, multiplicity, and direct observations of urban life on both broad and micro levels.

It’s a movie that is never complete, never ending and never the same twice. It’s about me, you and everything around us past present and future. Call it artful dodging by computational power, call it laziness, call it a hopeless but beautiful mess because who has time to sort out interrelated ideas, who has time for anything longer that 30 seconds ? I don’t but the codex, or rather algorithm does and can neatly sort it all out for us.


Codex … 11.1 – 11.14.2009

Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University


Chris Borkowski is a media maker from Buffalo, NY that is now living and working in New York City. He has worked professionally as video editor, network administrator, media arts center Technical Director, and University instructor in digital arts. He is a co-founder of the video art portal Perpetual Art Machine [PAM]. He has shown work internationally at various galleries and media festivals and has also performed a number of real-time audio and video pieces.

Chris Borkowski – New York New York

Christopher Borkowski

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