John Criscitello | 2.1 – 3.7.2010

2.1 – 2.14.2010
The Worstest Generation, 2008
single channel digital video – TRT 5:36 minutes

With the attributes of “The Greatest Generation” continually being hawked as an idealized promise of what it means to be the perfected sacrificial American.There is nowhere to go but down in this brave new Post American Century.

2.15 – 2.27.2010
God Shaped Hole, 2007
single channel digital video – TRT 3:29 minutes
The spiritual and material worlds collide in video installation piece.Referencing the void that death leaves in this world and the human quest to understand the true nature of God.

Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University


John Criscitello b.1967 Binghamton New York – Currently residing in Ithaca New York.